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Stationery. To some people, it’s nothing more than a boring necessity. A tool for jotting down shopping lists or taking notes during meetings.
And then there are those people for whom stationery is so much more. People who like stationery in the way other people like oxygen. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking about self-confessed stationery addicts.
This post is dedicated to them, the warriors on the front line of exquisite office supplies, endlessly chasing the next big notebook, the superlative stapler, the perfect planner.

And luckily for the stationery addicts in your customer base, we’ve recently had an incredibly gorgeous and oh-so-stylish range of stationery come into stock, and in time to celebrate National Stationery Week, which runs until 30th April.

First up, we have our Luxury Hardback Notebooks. These gorgeous A5 notebooks are fabric-covered, and gold-embossed with a range of to-die-for graphics and inspirational slogans. They’re practical, too, with 112 lined pages, and would make an ideal base for bullet journalling. And they come in a range of on-trend colours – pink, coral, grey and turquoise. What could be better?

If the density of a hardback notebook isn’t for your customers, then how about a more flexible Exercise Book? Ours come in packs of two, and each boasts 32 lined sheets. The covers are decidedly cool, featuring the same range of colours as the hardbacks, except in place of grey the exercise book boats an unbelievably stylish marble effect, and the pink is criss-crossed with a stunning geometric pattern.

Speaking of marble, have you seen our new Memo Blocks? Your customers will fall in love with the gold-foil edging, and the luxe designs, including the marble you can see in our image above, as well as geometric blue and pink striped.

“But ah!” I hear you cry, “You’ve talked a lot about things to write on, what about things to write with?” Fear not, dear reader. We got this. We have a selection of gorgeous Ballpoint Pens to match our notebooks. In the same modern colours, they feature not only the matching stylish geometric patterns but also gold polka dots – the ideal blend of smart and cute.

And let’s not forget the importance of desk accessories (not that we ever would): we’ve got a fantastic range of Staplers and Hole Punches. Rather than matching the notebooks, memo blocks and pens, these office accoutrements are complementary and are available in four modish colours – magenta, teal, grey and black – so there’s something to suit any colour palette. We’d also like to highlight the tactile shape of the staplers – they feel great to use, and have a pleasing ergonomic-like design.

Check out the whole luxurious range here. Your customers will thank you.

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