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Back To School Stationery

With the school holidays only just beginning, the laborious task of getting the kids kitted out to go back to school is probably not a thought that fills your customers with glee. So why not turn boredom into buzz with our engaging range of Back to School stationery items? We’ve got dozens of cute, fun or otherwise covetable bits and pieces to tempt customers’ little ones. Let’s take a look at some of the best, shall we?


Emotional Attachment…

It’s not an exaggeration to say that we’re really fond of our emoticon range of products, and we’ve found that it’s one that our customers return to time and time again as well. As such, we’re very pleased to announce that the range has expanded a lot this season, and gone through a significant refresh, too. Nowhere is that more apparent than in our Stationery Range. As you can see from the picture, the emoticons that kids love are front and centre, with the cool, spartan grid background providing the perfect setting to showcase them! But really, words seem inadequate to describe how we feel about all this emoticon goodness, so we’ll just say 😍.


License to Thrill…

One thing we’re very proud of here at DW is our ability to offer our customers genuine licensed products for less, and we’re sure your customers will appreciate the same from you! Back to School is one of the times when we find licensed products are in greatest demand (along with Christmas, of course!) as your customers start scrambling to get hold of the latest “in thing” for their little ones to take to school. The latest thing like Disney Princesses, Marvel or Star Wars! All of which you’ll find on our super Felt Tips, Pencil Cases, Clip Pens, Colouring Pencils and more.


Dear Diary…

Of course, it’s not only little ones who need to stock up on back to school supplies. We’ve got a whole host of smart and stylish academic diaries for older students – they’re perfect for those first year uni students who haven’t cottoned on to the fact that showing up for things is basically optional.
These diaries are so good looking, they’re as much a status symbol as an aide-mémoire, seeing as how they come in a range of beautiful, on-trend prints (including our very favourite gold foil flamingos on blush), in spiral-bound A5, or cute-as-a-button pocket size A6.


Sitting Pretty…

And speaking of cute, we’ve got some items here that just go to prove you don’t have to sacrifice function for form, because this really is the sweetest collection of stationery we’ve ever had the pleasure to stock, and all of it is eminently usable! In a mix of sugar pastel shades and unashamedly bold brights (so there’s sure to be something for everyone in your customer base), this stationery just makes everyone who sees it itch to try it. Whether that means jotting down notes in our adorable A5 Notebooks (even the pages themselves are decorated – we know; it’s very special), sticking our foiled Planner Stickers on every page in the diary (your customers will never forget a meeting again), or trying out your penmanship with our charmingly whimsical Pom Pom Pens (as far as that last point goes, your intrepid writer became so attached to her sample pen that she was allowed to keep it – who says writing doesn’t make you successful?!). These sumptuous supplies are ideal for older children and college-age kids.


Is that really the end of another blog post? How do we go through them so quickly? Never mind, reader, we’ll see each other again next week, when I’ll have more lovely lines and perfect products to share with you. Until then, have a look at the rest of our super stationery in the website’s Back to School section. You won’t be disappointed.

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