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Spring Cleaning Time

It’s almost that time of year again – time to throw open the windows, roll up your sleeves and get down to the Spring Clean!

Luckily, we’re well prepared, and we’ve got everything your customers need to blow away the cobwebs. Take a look at the selection below for some ideas on how our products could help you “clean up”.

Back to Basics…

So let’s get straight into it. We’ve got a terrific selection of cleaning essentials, including Dish Cloths, Jumbo Dusters, Scouring Pads and latex Household Gloves – all at amazingly low prices your customers will love.
And once you’ve got the fundamentals down, we’ve got a brilliant range of wet wipes for all types of surfaces and jobs. With Bathroom Wipes, Kitchen Floor Wipes, Leather Wipes, Wooden Floor Wipes and all-purpose Antibacterial Wipes, we’re pretty confident that there’s no room in your customers’ house that’ll get neglected.
You can’t forget the windows of course, which is where our Window Cleaning Kit comes into its own: it comes with everything your customers need, including a 1.3m telescopic handle and an assortment of different heads.
And for doing a really thorough job, our Steam Power Mop is ideal for cleaning hard floors and carpets. It kills up to 99% of bed bugs, dust mites, viruses and bacteria. Not to boast, but what with the 1,300W cleaning power, super manoeuvrable 180˚ head and the 400ml water tank, we’re pretty confident that our steam mop just can’t be beat.


Rage Against The Machine…

Let’s face it – one of the worst cleaning jobs is getting the gadgets and appliances looking nice again. Fear not, because we’ve a whole host of products designed to make customers’ lives easier.
Products like the nifty Dr Magic Oven & Grill Cleaner. This powerful little aerosol is a heavy-duty cleaner for customers’ grills and ovens, cutting through stains, baked-on food and grease.
Our Washing Machine Cleaner is a 250ml bottle of power to keep your customers’ washing machines clean and build-up free. Oh, and speaking of build-up, we’ve got fantastic 4-packs of Fizz Descaler Tablets to keep small appliances clear of the furriness that comes from lime scale, extending the lifespans of your customers’ kettles, irons, water filters and more.
Last but not least, we’ve got something to keep customers’ kitchens smelling wholesome and pleasant: Fridge Fresh Air Freshener 2-packs. These handy little boxes help eliminate bad odours from fridges, and since they last up to 6 months, your customers won’t have to stock up again for a whole year – not bad, eh?



Of course, cleaning also means making things look neat and tidy – which is where our brilliant range of storage solutions comes in handy. Whatever your customers need to clear away, we’ve got it covered.
No space? No problem. Our Large Ottomans – in faux leather or faux suede – do double duty as stylish furniture solutions, as well as giving your customers somewhere to hide the clutter. And because they come in a range of different colours, there’s something for every décor scheme.
If your customers are anything like us, they’ll soon be packing up their winter clothes now that better weather is (hopefully!) on the way. Our Vacuum Storage Bags are just the thing. Moisture and mould proof, they’ll help save up to 70% space, and are available in two fresh fragrances – lavender and jasmine.
For all those pesky smaller objects that – somehow – always seem to get everywhere, our Foldable Plastic Storage Baskets are just what your customers have been looking for. In a range of bright colours, they even store flat when not in use. Perfect.
And what discussion on tidying up would be complete without talking about kids’ toys? If your customers are sick of standing on Lego bricks, or just want to see the living room floor for once, then they may be interested in our fun Kids Toy Boxes – which also work as storage seats for the little ones. In colourful superhero or princess designs, the parents among your client base will thank you – trust us.


Products We Think You Auto Know…

Now, all this is very well and good, but spring cleaning doesn’t stop at the house – sprucing up the car is just as important, and we’ve got a great selection of products to help get the motor looking good as new.
First up, we’ve got a fantastic Jumbo Microfibre Wash Pad: it’s double-sided, with two separate cleaning surfaces to dust, scrub and clean. It can be used wet or dry, in conjunction with car shampoos and chemical cleaners – or good old fashioned soap and water, if your customers prefer!
But of course, it’s not only the exterior that needs a boost – which is where our Car Interior Wipes come in. This handy 40 pack is ideal for polishing up the inside trim (just how does it always get so dusty in there?) and interior.
And if your customers are feeling really determined, we’ve got a range of Automotive Spray Paints in stock, including Grey Primer and Black & White in various finishes. They’re perfect for covering little dints and scuffs.
Did we mention there’s a – literal – cherry on the top? Our Car Air Freshener smells good enough to eat, and we think your customers will agree!


Well, we hope this post has given you some motivation and ideas on how to help your customers freshen up their homes.
And if you’re eager to see more, you can check out our full ranges, including prices and stock info, by clicking here for cleaning products, here for storage and here for car products.

What do you think? Did we miss anything out? Why not comment and let us know!

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