Christmas Seasonal Showcase

Christmas Range: Silver Christmas

We’ve had our first flurry of truly frosty mornings here at DW HQ. The kind of mornings where the cold cuts you to the quick, and the chill bites to the bone. And that’s all to the good, as we explore perhaps the coolest (in more ways than one) of our Christmas ranges: Silver Christmas.

If Rustic Red was all about warmth, Silver Christmas is the opposite. Out goes cosy, comfy hygge patterns, and in comes stark monochrome and sleek lines. Silver Christmas is a deceptive name for this range, for among the nature-inspired motifs and the frost-bitten forms, the word Christmas feels less appropriate than Solstice, evoking as it does that ancient festival warding off the darkest of times, the true midwinter.
But just because our cool, crisp range leans towards monochrome doesn’t mean it’s plain. Quite the opposite: Silver Christmas contains a wealth of wintry wonders to delight the chicest members of your customer base.


A Light In The Darkness

Like our ancient predecessors, when faced with the Arctic chill of midwinter, there’s nothing we like more than throwing a little light – and warmth! – on the situation.
That’s where our Christmas candles come in. As you can see from the picture, we’ve got something for every customer’s taste in our large range, from the smart Metallic Pillar Candles (in large and small sizes), with their artfully textured finish, to our Christmas Star Pillar Candles. Once again available in large or small sizes, these candles walk the line between kitsch and cool – and always stay on the right side of it! – by accenting their plain white form with a bold statement star.
And if glitter really floats your customers’ boats (and let’s be honest – if you can’t adorn your house with glitter at Christmas, when can you?), then we’ve got the ideal thing to highlight their seasonal décor: our Glitter Pillar Candles lend a fun and funky flair to any festive look, and the Glitter Tealights are ideal for setting a smaller-scale, more subtle tone (think of them as yuletide punctuation marks: indispensable but discreet). And did I mention that they float? Well they do, and trust me: they’d look simply stunning in a wide glass bowl trimmed with pine cones and sprigs of greenery as part of the Christmas table centrepiece.

Or perhaps your customers might prefer to go subtler still. That’s ok, we’ve got something for them, too: our Silver Candles are perfect for those who like a touch of the festive without going overboard. The candle inside is plain white, and the elegant silver holder’s Christmas adornment – slender eight-pointed stars – is so unobtrusive that it could easily provide your customers with its comforting glow throughout winter, not just at Christmas.

While the natural flicker of a real flame is something to be cherished as the days grow ever shorter, there’s nothing wrong with electric light, as our LED Christmas Glitter Wreath demonstrates only too well! This charming garland features glitter-frosted likenesses of holly and bay leaves, as well as large silver berries (which look to me like sloes – though perhaps that’s just wishful thinking!) and is backed by 10 intertwined LED lights. As you’ll note from the picture, these cast a splendidly comforting light – just the thing to drive the long winter shadows from your customers’ doors.


Natural Wonders

Looking at the pictures, you might have “twigged” (pun intended. Apologies.) that Silver Christmas takes a great deal of inspiration from nature. In fact, this range is all about bringing the outdoors indoors, and nowhere is that better expressed than in the range’s tree decorations.

Take our Hanging Tinsel Star, for example. With its simple, tree bark finish, it boasts an unapologetically raw, rough-hewn appearance. And with the titular tinsel serving as a frosty fringe, it looks for all the world as if it were brought in fresh from the forest, still adorned with its thin coating of rime.

The Christmas Frosted Hanging Decoration is in a similar vein. Made to resemble evergreen sprigs fashioned into the unpretentious shapes of a star or heart, the decoration is adorned with a very light “frosted” effect, as though it too had been brought indoors only recently, without a chance for the ice to thaw. Topping off this unrefined simplicity is the hanging loop, a modest length of twine.

The next product is one that’s been universally admired here at DW HQ. Our Glass Heart Decoration, while perhaps more sophisticated in its approach, is no less committed to the splendour of the natural world: it simply takes that splendour and puts it on display. The heart holds what looks like the finds of a winter’s nature walk – golden fronds of dried bracken and tiny pearlescent berries – and exudes a charming ship-in-a-bottle quality that’s hard to resist. We’re pretty confident your customers will love it as much as we do.


Simplicity Itself

Besides a love of the outdoors, the other defining feature of the range is its graceful austerity. As precise and cool as a well-formed icicle, clean lines are key, as is a lack of frilly, frumpy extras that might otherwise detract from the uncluttered, wintry forms.

This look is exemplified in our Beaded Star Christmas Tree Topper. Understated, unfussy and very much in vogue, this smart little star would look smashing as the finishing touch to a minimalist-themed tree.

We’re also in love with our Paper Honeycomb Christmas Tree Decorations. While honeycomb was once a marker of kitschy nostalgia (think your parents’ gaudy 1960s Christmas décor), honeycomb has had a sleek update in recent times, and has emerged as a clear leader in modern, uncomplicated style. And it’s not hard to see why: these nifty little baubles somehow manage to be both striking and unassuming at one and the same time, and in monochrome shades, they complement any and all colour schemes.

And for those customers for whom even a fir tree is too elaborate, our Light-up Frosted Christmas Twig Tree is just the thing. With its naked, leafless branches, and a very light dusting of snow, this spartan little tree is ideal for conjuring up visions of snowdrifts and blizzards, and with 80 integral LED lights, there’s really nothing we’d rather have to keep the bleak midwinter at bay.


Well, I think that’s long enough for today’s post! You must be sick of me saying it by now, but there really is so much more to see than I’ve described. So why not take a look at our truly lovely Christmas range here? Go on, you know you want to…

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