Christmas Seasonal Showcase

Christmas Range: Rustic Red

It’s that time again! Time for sipping mulled wine, searching out the perfect gift and hearing Noddy Holder scream “It’s Christmas!” every ten minutes.

Because ol’ Noddy’s right: it’s Christmas (or near enough as makes no difference), and we’ve got an absolutely show-stopping range for you this year. Our buyers have gone all-out to find a sumptuous selection of superlative seasonal products, and our matchless graphic design team have wrapped them all up in packaging that’s more festive than Father Christmas eating a Christmas pudding, singing Christmas carols.

Because we’ve got so many products, we’ve split them into four distinct ranges, and I will be your guide as we go through them one by one over the next few weeks.

So Ebenezer Scrooge beware – the next few blog posts are not for you.

Let’s get started, shall we? This first week we’re looking at Rustic Red, our homage to antique folk patterns, and ancestral Nordic motifs. This is the range for the traditionalists in your customer base, evoking as it does visions of a bygone age, of Dickensian merriment, crackling log fires, and evenings by candlelight.


Delightful Decorations

Never mind the halls, the most important part of any home at Christmas time is a well-decked tree. One-part pagan ritual and one-part declaration of personal style, hanging the decorations on the tree is a time-honoured tradition, and one that our Christmas ranges do full justice to.

Decorations like our Nutcracker. If you’re anything like me, then the mere sight of this little guy will have the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy playing in your head (and if you’re not like me, you’ll probably start thinking about all the walnuts and brazils you can’t wait to eat this year). With his soft white hair and beard, plus a mouth that moves like the real thing, he’s full of vintage charm.

We’ve called this range Rustic Red, and it’s not hard to see why. But nowhere is the rough-hewn, rural aesthetic better represented than with our Hanging Wooden Decorations. Cut from plain wood, and hanging from nothing fancier than a humble sisal loop, these decorations are simplicity itself. But don’t write them off as too old-fashioned: the addition of contemporary brush script brings them right up to date.

These next decorations are maybe my favourite in the range. They’re our Candy Cane Decorations. There’s not much more Christmassy than a candy cane (have you ever even seen one outside the festive season? Me neither.) and these ones look just about good enough to eat. They’re not glass, but you’d swear they were – right up until you drop one and it doesn’t shatter all over the floor. Now whoever said you couldn’t have form and function? They come in a pack of twelve, so your customers are free to sprinkle them liberally all over their trees. I certainly will.

Lastly we come to our Luxury Felt Christmas Decoration. This delightful Christmas pudding is actually part of an assortment of 2, but though I love the gingerbread man with his charming velvet bowtie, there’s just something I adore about this pearl-beaded pud. Perhaps it’s because it reminds me of the description of the Cratchits’ Christmas pudding: “like a speckled cannon-ball, so hard and firm, blazing in half of half-a-quartern of ignited brandy, and bedight with Christmas holly stuck into the top”.
Or maybe I just think the pompom holly berries are cute. We’ll never know.


Terrific Tableware

Besides being a legitimate excuse for making your home look like the scene of an explosion in a red-and-gold glitter factory, the other brilliant thing about Christmas is all the delicious food on offer. From savoury snacks and chocolate selection boxes to homemade mince pies and Christmas cake… and, of course, that gastronomic behemoth, Christmas Dinner itself. We’ve got your customer covered, with a plethora of products to compliment every décor scheme.

First up, our Luxury Paper Partyware range. For those massive family gatherings when you just don’t have the crockery, or a party where washing up simply isn’t an option (or let’s face it, after all that turkey and sprouts, maybe you just don’t feel like it) we’ve got the perfect thing: a beautifully styled co-ordinating range of Paper Cups, Bowls, Plates and Napkins. Each item is an assortment of four designs – one for each of our four Christmas ranges – and they’re not only sturdy, but good looking enough to hold their own amid the most luxurious of settings, as you can see from the photograph.

This next product is one that I adore. So on-trend it hurts, our Christmas Drinking Jars have got all the ingredients your customers will love: the classic mason jar shape with a sturdy handle, the metallic lid and its oh-so-cool black candy twist straw, and the finish – oh, the finish. Each one (it’s another assortment of four – aren’t our buyers clever?) is finished with a Pinterest-worthy decal in colours and fonts that will help these little jars fly off the shelves. Trust us.

You’d be crackers to pass up this next product! Sorry about the pun. I tried to resist and I failed. In case you haven’t guessed, it’s crackers. We’ve got a massive assortment of crackers this year, and as you can see from the picture, they look brilliant as part of the Christmas table – and that’s without even mentioning the gifts and novelties inside, which are decidedly opulent. These ones are our Deluxe Christmas Crackers, but when I say we’ve got a massive selection, I’m not joking around. I don’t use the phrase “something for everyone” very often, but in this case it’s justified. With over 10 lines and multiple designs, we’ve got almost 30 different boxes in the range (and there’s even a make-it-yourself version, for those craft-minded customers!).

And last but not least, did someone say tea and biscuits? Because there’s really nothing like a hot cuppa on a cold day, paired up with a biccie absolutely smothered in chocolate. While we can’t provide the biscuits, and we don’t sell teabags, we can make sure your customers have something gorgeous to drink out of and store their naughty-but-nice nibbles in. With that in mind, we present to you our cute Christmas Mug and Metal Storage Tin. The mugs are short but wide, which helps them fit snug in the hands, and they feature an elegant construction, with a sculpted handle and gently curved lip. But what really makes them special are the range’s printed decals, which expertly walk that fine line between stylish and sweet. The same can definitely be said of the storage tins, which come in an assortment that matches the cups, and are roomy and sturdy to boot. Lovely.

And that’s where we stop for today! But as always, there is so much more to see. We’ve got more amazing Christmas products than ever before, so if you liked these, why not check out the rest? You can see the whole glorious lot here.

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