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Halloween Range: Trick or Terror

Halloween was once the sole province of excitable children with mercenary ideas about getting free sweets or egging your house.
Not anymore. These days, you’re just as likely to find adults turning their homes into haunted houses, and transforming themselves into wicked witches or creepy clowns. And that’s where our fantastic new Trick or Terror Halloween range comes in. Less J.K. Rowling and more Stephen King, we have a chilling assortment of decorations and costumes, while our talented graphic design team have produced artwork that treads the perfect line between spooky and sophisticated for the range’s partyware.

But don’t take our word for it: have a look for yourselves at some of our favourite products below… if you dare.


The Bare Bones

There’s not much creepier than a skeleton: after all, it’s a visual reminder that something is dead. Or in the case of these decorations, just dead cool.
Like our small but decidedly creepy Animal Skeletons. There’s something weirdly unnerving about their life-like anatomy, and vivid red eyes. It’s no understatement to say they’ll make your customers’ skin crawl… which of course, is exactly what they’re looking for.
But in the rare case that dead critters don’t give your customers the creeps, how about some human bones to sprinkle about? That’s what they’ll get with our Bag of Bones. Small, but perfectly formed, this variety of realistic-looking bones would be perfect for scattering about the house, begging the inevitable question, “How did they get there?”
But the pièce de résistance of our bony brood is the Life-Size Skeleton. And when we say life size, we mean life size. Standing up, the skeleton is almost identical in height to your intrepid writer (about 159cm, if you’re curious) and we even have the same shoe size (please don’t ask me how we came to that knowledge, dear reader).
Molded and painted with an unsettling realism, and with all the bones you’d expect, she’s ideal for scaring guests as they walk through the door, either as-is, or dressed in something to enhance her sinister appeal. And with hinged joints to the jaw, elbows, wrists and ankles, plus wired joints at the shoulders, hips, skull and pelvis, she’s ready to stand, sit or – even more disconcertingly – hang in a variety of poses.


Decorations To Die For

But if the bones are all a bit too real, how about something a little more chic to set the tone? We’ve got your customers covered. Our range of co-ordinating glitter decorations are the perfect accessories for a more stylish party, with their sleek, matching colours and on-trend finish.
Everyone at the office has been very taken with the LED Candlestick; its warm, flickering “flame” works perfectly with the black glitter finish.
And speaking of things working perfectly, our plump Glitter Pumpkins – Large and Small – strike exactly the right balance of cute and glamorous.
But our favourite of all is the Glitter Skull. There’s something really quite cool – and rather Rockstar – about these, whether your customers choose the silver shown here, or its more Gothic counterpart in black.


What’s Your Poison?

I told you Halloween was for adults now, and I meant it, but if you needed convincing, look no further than our brilliant range of grown-up glassware.
First up, our fantastic Drinks Dispenser. We think this looks terrific, with its understated black screw top, and chilling decal. It’s practical, too, being made of sturdy glass with a very roomy capacity of 3.5 litres – ideal for that “lethal” punch.
But it’s no good having a stylish dispenser if your customers don’t have something equally good-looking to serve the drinks in. Something like our Halloween drinking jars, for example: available as a sweet little Pumpkin, a grizzly Skull (seen here in the season’s must-have shades of blue and purple) or the traditional Mason Jar – we’ve got a few different varieties of this one, but the matte black seen above is our absolute favourite.
Or maybe your customers might be looking to serve something a little more urbane? How about our Halloween Wine Glasses? Each one is adorned with a gorgeous image or slogan from the Trick or Terror range. Trust us, your customers will love them. Unless of course, like Dracula, they never drink… wine.


So there you have it: a glimpse of our Trick or Terror range. But there’s more lurking beneath the surface. Or rather, on the website. Why not investigate the full range for yourself? It’s available here.

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