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Halloween Range: Sleepless Moon

Imagine ghosts. Restless spirits roaming the Earth, never stopping, always searching… for the perfect Halloween accessories. That’s what our beautiful Sleepless Moon range is all about – finding the ideal accompaniment to customers’ Halloween costumes. But it’s so much more, too. At the heart of the range is an unsettling mix of life and death. Picture a ghostly bride, dressed all in white, dancing through the ruins of an old, old house. It’s that mix of beauty and decay that Sleepless Moon conveys: Miss Haversham-esque cobwebs on delicate accessories, and once-lovely blooms now blackened and rotted. The gentle, terrible kiss of the undead.

To help us illustrate this concept, we’ve engaged a model for today’s blog post: Bonita, our Life-Size Skeleton (who you may remember from our Trick or Terror post. If you missed it, you can catch it here).
We’ve decked her out in some of the range’s finest, so without further ado, let’s go through the products…


First up, take a look at these pretty little Hair Slides. With their dainty, tapering fingers and subtle glitter finish, the slides are both striking and understated, and would be ideal as a springboard for creating a stand-alone look or as part of a more co-ordinated costume.


Next, Bonita is modelling our stylish Adults Hooded Cape. This diaphanous cloak is ideal for creating that ethereal ambiance that the range is all about. As you can see from the picture, it’s long, too, coming in at approximately 165cm, so it’s sure to help your customers make an otherworldly entrance at this year’s Halloween party!


Bonita is an elegant lady, and as such, she never goes anywhere without her Long Lace Gloves. These graceful gloves are an extremely versatile accessory. Almost-elbow-length, they feature a satin-feel coloured back, and a mesh upper complete with creepy flock spiders. They could be made to serve a variety of looks – anything from the classic Bride of Frankenstein to a thoroughly modern take on the Día de Muertos (a trend which is going to be absolutely huge this year).


We at the office love this next one, our Knee High Striped Socks. These are pure Tim Burton, with echoes of all his eeriest works, from The Corpse Bride to Sleepy Hollow.
The quirky socks feature a gentle stretch, and are made of an extremely soft Acrylic-Polyester mix. And with a length that allows for a long-line or mini-skirted costume, your customers simply won’t be able to resist.

(Wig: model’s own… but you can find it here – it’s part of our Trick or Terror range!)


Like life itself, all things must end. And so it is with today’s blog post. We do hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you did, you can have a look at the rest of the range here. There are some lovely pieces guaranteed to serve up equal measures of delight and fright for your customers.

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