Departments Halloween Seasonal Showcase

Halloween Range: Deception

On Halloween night, nothing is as it seems. The restless clouds scud across the moon, throwing shifting shadows along the path. In the distance, you hear a howl. Was it the wind… or something else?
Sorry to be dramatic, but this range brings out the best in us! Today we’d like to introduce you to our Deception range of makeup and cosmetics. From fake blood to false nails, we have pretty much everything your customers need to create their own deceptive looks this Halloween.

There’s a lot to talk about, but never fear, dear reader, for I shall be your guide. And when I say that, I mean I’m going to take you through all the items you can see in our picture, from left to right. You’re welcome.

It just wouldn’t be Halloween without gallons of the red stuff being chucked about with reckless abandon, and our Halloween Blood Spray is ideal for creating the blood-spattered effects your customers are looking for. From senseless zombies to suave vampires, the spray is realistic enough for even the most serious partygoers, and it’s safe for use on the face, too. Bloody marvellous.

A true party staple, our False Lashes are (as the kids say) “on fleek”. In plain English, that simply means they look stunning, and we couldn’t agree more.  In three dramatic varieties – long “spider” lashes, feather lashes (perfect for batting your eyelashes at a good-looking ghoul) and surprisingly futuristic holographic lashes – customers may even find that they’ll want to use them after Halloween to change up their look on a night out. Yes, they really are that good.

We think this Tattoo Make Up Set is pretty cool, and even – strange though it sounds – quite cute. There’s almost something Venetian about the set, with the glitter face tattoos, and their tiny little crystals, giving off a charming harlequin vibe. The red, white and blue paints complete the look, with the finishing touch provided by a stick of black lipstick.

Our Halloween Makeup Creams are the real workhorses of the range. They’re versatile and practical, professional and affordable and, as they’re available in both “bright” and “neutral” varieties, they can be used to create any look your customers come up with. And I’m sure it goes without saying that the cream is easy to apply and non-toxic. Perfect.

Do you think your customers will want something truly practical? Our Liquid Latex is just the thing. Similar in type to the sort used by the professionals (but at a fraction of the cost!) the latex can be used for eye-popping body painting designs, or as a mouldable base for creating all manner of disgusting fake wounds and scars, so you know it’s going to sell well. Take our word for it: people love disgusting things.

Now, forgive me for coming over all girly, but I love our False Nails. In fact, I’ve yet to meet a female member of staff here at DW HQ who didn’t love them (and even the boys have to admit they’re pretty snazzy). They come in four covetable designs, but the one I’m really drawn to is the red and black ombre nail. Getting the oh-so-important ombre trend just right, the nails are definitely spooky, while retaining a decidedly grown-up look. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

I know I say this every week, and you’re probably sick of it by now, dear reader, but this really is only a tiny fraction of what the Deception range has to offer. Check out the whole thing here.

Well, that marks the last of our four frighteningly good Halloween ranges. Like the “final girl” in a horror film, you’ve emerged from the haunted house into the light of day. But the terror isn’t over yet… something even scarier is just around the corner.

Christmas is coming.

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