Halloween Party & Gift Seasonal Showcase

Halloween Range: Boo


No, we’re not trying to startle you. Boo is one of our terrifyingly good new Halloween ranges. Specifically, it’s the range your customers’ kids will be desperate to get their little hands on.

Why? Well, because it’s fun. Our supremely talented in-house design team have crafted the range with little people in mind, using bright, vibrant colours and cute Halloween characters to produce something that’s less trick and more treat!

And while the range encompasses a whole host of products from candy collectors to costumes, our favourite items are the range’s partyware. These darling disposables are supremely affordable, and they look terrific – your customers won’t be able to resist.

So why not take a closer look at some of these lovely kid-friendly party pieces?

First up, our Halloween Table Cover. Decorated with sweet little spiders and slightly nervous-looking eyes, the vibrant orange colour will turn a boring table into a surface full of spooky fun. And because it’s made of wipeclean material, customers won’t need to worry about kids’ sticky little fingers and all the spills that go with the thrills.

On the wall, you can see our delightful Boo Balloons! Wonderfully plump, they inflate extremely easily (I know this, dear reader, for it was I who inflated them) and deflate just as easily with the included straw (so your customers can use them time and time again – don’t say we never do anything for them). And the foil is so eye-catching, they make a wonderful backdrop for any party (they also come in black, for your more Wednesday-Adams-esque customers).

Next, we’ve got our Halloween Pumpkin Bucket, filled – in this instance – with our cute Halloween Character Lights. With their matte finish, the buckets are as stylish as they are sweet, so are sure to be a hit with customers and kids alike. And speaking of sweet things – just how adorable are those character lights? Available in four delightful designs – pumpkins and vampires as well as the ghosts and spiders shown here – the cool white LEDs glow with a light that is definitely more magical than menacing.

If your customers are catering for a whole horde of little monsters, then paper partyware is a must – so much easier to simply scoop everything into a binbag at the end of the night (a recyclable one, of course!) than having to go through the rigmarole of washing up. And that’s where we come in (as always) with our charming paper crockery.

We’ve got 16-packs of Paper Plates, Paper Bowls and Paper Cups. These colourful items are dressed in the range’s signature orange and purple, and decorated with the cutest Halloween characters we’ve ever seen – I mean, look at that ghost! He’s cuter than Casper! And his bat, pumpkin and spider friends are not far behind him. But don’t just let yourself be bowled over by the design (though your customers certainly will be). These paper party goods are strong and sturdy enough to stand up to any amount of jelly and cake (even the gruesome green varieties that always pop up at Halloween).

But of course, that’s not all. Our range also includes a 16-pack of Straws – the attractive paper kind, rather than those ugly plastic things – each one adorned with a tiny card character, plus a 6-pack of large Paper Platters (perfect for serving those Pinterest-worthy Halloween treats your customers worked so hard on), and a bumper 24-pack of Paper Napkins (because if you’ve got 16 kids at a party, you always, always, always need 50% more napkins…).

And last but not least, our large and pretty plastic Salad Bowl completes the coordinated look (alright, so your customers have to wash this one up – we’re not miracle workers!).
…I mean, it says “Salad Bowl” but I can’t see any better use than as a vessel for a safe, table-top apple bobbing competition!

Phew! It’s a lot to take in, we know. But trust us, it’s well worth it. And there’s so much more to see – check out the full range on our website here.

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