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2 Person Tent Product Demo!

Morning, DW fans – and now for something completely different.

Since it’s spring, and festival and camping season is right around the corner, we’ve got a treat for you today: the first (of many) of our video demonstrations!

We’ll be putting these bite-size morsels of movie magic together periodically, so do keep a watch out. Today’s episode features our fabulous 2 Person Tent, our intrepid photographer Luke, and an unruly piece of plastic packaging:

Some stats about the tent: it’s made of durable Polyester with a Nylon Polyamide coating, Poly Ethylene & lightweight sturdy Fibreglass. The dimensions are a decidedly roomy 200cm x 140cm x 100cm.

Some stats about Luke: he’s made of 50% mad skills, 35% luxurious beard and 15% coffee. He stands at a lofty 176cm tall.

Enjoy, and as always – give us your opinions in the comments!

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