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New Homeware Range!

Hello! Welcome back to the DW Blog! Did you miss me, readers? Well I missed you, anyway. Things have been hectic with a capital H since Christmas: new colleagues to get to know, new ranges and products to explore, plus my beloved Spring Fair to prepare for (yes thanks, I had a brilliant time!). We just didn’t have a spare minute for the blog.
But we’re very excited to be back – and have we got some amazing things to show you! So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s coming into stock soon. Get yourself a cuppa and pull up a chair…

Pull up a chair seems an apt way to start today’s post. Would you like a footstool for your chair? Or a side table to rest your cup of tea on, perhaps? How about a cosy cushion or an elegant artificial flower to set the tone?
Well look no further, because we’ve got you and your customers covered with our brand-new Homeware range.

Our selection of homewares is something we’ve long been proud of here at DW, but this year’s products are something extra. Something different. Something so special we could scarcely believe our eyes when the samples started to appear – like gifts from the style fairy – on our shelves. Our brilliant buyers have outdone themselves this time: the products are beautiful, elegant, and so on-trend we instantly knew we were looking at one of this year’s most popular ranges. Dazzled colleagues stopped to admire the items as they passed; picking up lamps, turning ornaments this way and that, feeling the softness of the fabrics. No one could pass the range without having, “just a quick look, you know”. We’re confident your customers will feel the same way.

Our trusty photographer Jacob has taken a shot featuring just a tiny selection of the range – a sliver of loveliness, you might say – so I’ll take you through the products one by one.

Starting on the left-hand side, you’ll see a product we’re really excited about: our White Side Table. With all the simplicity and retro appeal of pieces by Arne Jacobsen, this little table screams “mid-century modern cool”. The use of space, the curved lines, even the natural wood legs: this is definitely one for the “smart set” in your customer base.

On the side table sit our Square Base Lamp and our Small Contemporary Clock. The Square Base Lamp does exactly what it says on the tin – but so much more, besides. Small, but with a big personality, the lamp oozes deco sophistication, from the understated grey shade to the subtle brushed-steel finish on the base, it would be equally at home in a bedroom, home office, or – as a pair – in a particularly stylish living room.
Gold is set to be one of this season’s stand-out colours, and our Contemporary Clock is a perfect example. Featuring chic, sans-serif numerals, gold hands and edged with an opulent brushed-gold finish, this is a must-have desk accessory for your glamorous customers (though it can be wall-mounted, too!). And why do we call it our small contemporary clock? Because we stock its big brother, of course. Much larger and wall-mounted only, the larger clock gives you another colourway to play with, coming adding as it does a black variety to the smaller clock’s ice cream shades of pink, mint and cream faces.
Sitting on the shelf of the table (looking aghast at graphic designer Andy’s choice of books) is our sweet little Cement Owl Ornament. Deftly playing to this season’s concrete trend, this reassuringly weighty little fella features folk-patterned detailing to his wings, body and eyes, and a notch on his head in case the mood takes you to use him as a rather stylish candle-holder. He’s a triplet, with the other owls in the assortment seeing no evil and hearing no evil.  Like those cute emoji monkeys, only better, obviously, because everyone loves an owl. Your customers will want all three; I know I did.



Moving onto the second piece of furniture in the picture, we have our Metal Cage Storage Box. Featuring a terrific geometric construction from criss-crossed, interlinked strands of steel, the box is complete with a decidedly solid detachable wooden lid, and integral carry handles. The box is at once practical and decorative, roomy enough to store anything from kids’ toys to blankets, or all those books and magazines that somehow seem to get everywhere (in our picture, it’s holding our Luxury Faux Fur Throw).
On top of the box we’ve set our beautiful Artificial Orchid. The orchid is part of a whole new range of artificial plants and succulents, all of which come in delightfully quirky pots and containers (teacup aloe plant, anyone?) and are detailed enough to fool even dedicated horticulturalists, from the textured foam soil to the ingeniously meticulous veining on the petals. And if, like me, any of your customers suffer from the dreaded black thumb, they’ll be only too pleased to be able to display one of this season’s hottest trends without having to worry about keeping it alive!



And last but not least, our wonderful Cement Buddha, right there at the centre of the picture. This majestic little statuette features the Gautama Buddha in a traditional pose of meditation or serenity – legs crossed, hands palm-up in his lap, with his eyes closed. He radiates calmness, and with his hefty weight, strong construction and tactile, decorated robes, he’s sure to be a customer favourite for years to come.

And there we have it, folks! Just a little look at our stunning new homewares range. It’s deluxe, it’s affordable, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

Oh, and one last thing, that we think you’ll like to hear. Did we mention that the items from this range absolutely flew off the shelves at Spring Fair? Because they very much did.

So take a look at the full range here, and make sure you place your order before it’s all snapped up!

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